About BEE appliance

The BEE reference unit, a rugged, cost-efficient autonomous VTOL transporter serving diversified logistic infrastructures, interlinking road transport and Air Transportation.

BEE appliance in Beilngries / Germany is building the first rugged and innovative reference units of an electric driven, load-carrying vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. The craft serves the growing market for unmanned aerial systems (UASs) and personal aerial vehicles (PAVs). A revolution in commuting and smart logistics on a global scale.

The BEE reference unit differentiates in terms of simplicity, low total cost of ownership and ease of use, incorporating the most advanced evolving technologies.

BEE Reference Unit

The VTOL reference platform for drone operators and OEMs catering to the air and space industry.

The product establishes a cost-effective platform as a technology demonstrator for technology-oriented companies and will serve logistic operators interlinking road transport and on demand air transport.
Product versions for the segments of urban and inaccessible terrain transportation, Airwork, precision farming, surveillance and search and rescue are destined for the global UAS / PAV market.

BEE appliance favors the ducted fan concept:
A rugged, simple, mechatronic VTOL transporter, to be produced in volume at low costs.

BEE test program

Hover tests for data recording.




  • Profound insight in General Aviation objectives
  • Profound insight in the automotive industry
  • Focused on potential customer needs



  • Engineering competence + IP management expertise
  • Special knowledge in complex fluid dynamic systems
  • Experienced in designing hardware and software for automated control systems
  • Professional insight in the aviation technology
  • Familiar with certification procedures

Partner of Biersack

We are proud to be technology partner of Biersack group in Beilngries, Germany.
Biersack is one of Germany's leading system supplier for industry and aerospace.

Located at the development and production site of Biersack in Beilngries
we benefit of know-how and machinery of our powerful partner.